When a media giant decided to shut down their music site, and my blog along with it, I decided to respond by creating my own site to support and promote the music I love and the artists that make it. This site is for the love of music, the artists, and for the fans…just like me…who care so much more about the music than the ‘business’.”

~Leanne Cater aka “Boss lady” at CountryBoss.com

Country Music is BOSS! CountryBoss.com is committed to the music, artists and stories you care about most! YOU are the Boss of us! Stay in touch! If you’re excited about a new artist that we just HAVE to hear about…LET US KNOW!  If you’re not reading enough about your favourite artist LET US KNOW!  If you want to see an interview with an artist we haven’t yet interviewed (or haven’t interviewed in too long) LET US KNOW!  Basically, we want to be able to share with you what fuels our love for this genre and delivering exactly what YOU want in the process.

Send all ideas, info and hot tips to “The Boss Lady” at bennys.barr60@yahoo.com

So…Who “IS” the “Boss Lady” at Country Boss?

Leanne Cater BIO:

They say, “Those who can…do, and those who can’t…teach.”  In this case it’s more like, “Those who can…sing, and those who can’t…become broadcasters”.

Leanne is a wannabe country star and an actual 20+ year veteran of the radio and television industry. In the early ’90’s she co-hosted “Top Ten Country”, Canada’s first country music video countdown show, with Canadian country radio stalwart Gary “Big G” McColeman.  Leanne recent radio history includes, hosting the “Lea & Paul Morning Show” on  Country 95.3 in the Toronto/Hamilton area. In Ottawa, she was PM Drive host on Y105/Y101 and 105.3 KISS FM and in Peterborough PM Drive on Country 105.1.  During her 11 years in Ottawa, in addition to her shows, appearances, cracking up Wynonna Judd during interviews, and teaching Garth Brooks how to lace up his high-top boots with one hand, Leanne also contributed weekly country music columns to both the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sunnewspapers. She went on to become the senior country music writer for the digital music destination of one of Canada’s largest media companies which ultimately led her to the creation of CountryBoss.com.  Currently, The Boss Lady calls QX104 Winnipeg her radio home and can be heard live Monday to Friday 2pm – 6pm CST.  Stream live at QX104fm.com.


Boss Lady, Leanne Cater, plummeting to Earth from 14,000 feet with Skydive Burnaby!

Leanne cares about community as much as her country and counts jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 14,000 feet with Johnny Reid’s mom, Helen, (a stunt to raise money for the Weekend To End Women’s Cancers) as -quite literally- the HIGHest point of her career to date! (Check out the Jump Album here)

Leanne is a passionate music lover and believes that the best isn’t always the most obvious or easiest to find.  She says that sometimes, to find real gems, you have to do a little digging but, ultimately, the yield is well worth the effort.  Country Boss is her way of trying to shine a light on the best for all to enjoy.  She says, “It is my sincere wish that, through the creation of Country Boss and countryboss.com, a strong community of country music lovers will connect and share the music we know the world would fall in love with… if only it knew where to look!