Since today is Willie’s 80th, I thought it would be appropriate to feature a Willie Nelson ‘famous friends’ story!

This one comes from Big Machine‘s Ron Harwood.  In Ron’s own words, here is the story behind this…

Met him at an event at Country Radio Seminars in Nashville. He was signed to Lost Highway at the time, which we distributed through Universal. Donna Lidster and I were the first people he saw when he walked in the door. Willie played for about 100 people in this tiny little room. It was amazing. I remember that they were also promoting a whiskey that night called Whiskey River that Willie was endorsing.
Long story…and maybe not fit to print

I had been working with John Berry (the country singer) a week or so before I went to CRS and told him that I was really looking forward to the Willie Nelson event. John told me that if I got to meet Willie I should be aware that Willie makes really great eye contact with people when he is talking to them. I remembered that when Willie walked into the room and I was the first person he saw. I held out my hand and he shook it for what seemed like a whole minute. I looked into his eyes and realized that he was stoned. He was staring right at me with that look that people have when they are really high. Now John Berry, being a bit of a straight laced guy, might not have realized that, so it makes sense that he would have thought Willie was just good at making eye contact.”

LOL!  Thanks Ron, great story!!