Garth Brooks officially hit the road again last Thursday in Chicago and he went for it with both barrels just like no time had passed.  Only problem is…time ‘has’ passed 😉  Poor Garth took one of his famous flying leaps on stage only  his knees betrayed him on the landing and he almost pulled a Luke Bryan.

In the end, his hat was the only thing that tumbled over the edge and the spill didn’t impede his performance any as he delivered a 3 hour performance.  Check out this review by concert-goer, Todd Garlow:

Garth was unbelievable! He started at 10:30 pm and didn’t stop until after 1:30am
Trisha yearwood was amazing. We made her cry from the applause.
And instead of an encore or two?
Two full non hit singles plus a six song acoustic montage!!
Best concert of my life!
Dude. So fortunate to experience this man. Wow!

Garth has also released his entire catalogue for download via his own site with a pretty amazing bundle deal.  For just $29.99 you can get all 8 of his previous studio albums, plus his new single People Loving People, plus another new bonus track, plus, plus, PLUS!