Just like Elvis did back in the day, crossing genres from Rock & Roll to Gospel to Country and back again, Taylor Swift is sampling genres beyond the one that made her a household name (yes country…ah, remember when Taylor’s pop-country was raising eyebrows? Now her country fans long for the good ol’ days when she just wasn’t country-enough.)

Annnyway… Taylor makes no bones about this new album being a full-on intentional pop record… and the new song, Shake It Off (albeit very familiar with Taylor tackling scenes from her life in the lyrics) is as far from country as it can get BUT! The video is so darned cute, with her dancing (or attempting to) her way through all the “players playin’ and haters hatin’”, I’m posting it anyway… SO THERE!

#TeamTaylor! Go get them Popsters sister! (Just maybe do a country album next, pretty, pretty, please?! 😀 ) and the rest of you… could you suspend the “she’s not country” stuff long enough to appreciate the awesomeness that is this video? Thanks 😀