Naomi Judd has never been mistaken for a shrinking violet…so it really comes as no surprise that she has gone big with her anger over the lack of respect shown to George Jones at the recent CMT Music Awards.

Nashville newspaper, The Tennessean, published a letter, penned by Judd, slamming the awards show for allowing only a “by the way” mention of the legend at their June 5th ceremony.  She wrote:

“George Jones is to country music what The Beatles are to pop, The Rolling Stones to rock, Elvis to rockabilly, Mozart to classical and Aretha to soul.
Yet, the “Country” Music Television awards show allowed only a “by the way” mention of Jones’ death and legacy. & chose alternative music group
The Mavericks to perform their short version of George’s “The Race Is On.”

True country music fans are a loyal bunch and are passionate about our roots and heritage.  Every year, CMT includes artists of unrelated genres, many of whom some country music fans don’t even know. I suggest the CMT Awards show change its name. Perhaps to “the Multi-Genre Awards Show, Featuring Artists under 30.

I realize speaking out will cause me to now be forever banned by CMT. But I’m tired of folks messing with my country music. Especially when it involves my dear friend George Jones.”
–Naomi Judd

Although I love The Mavericks dearly, I would agree that a :26 second song blip is hardly a fitting tribute to such a huge legend.  What do you think?

On that note, I’ll leave you with The Race Is On…and then my favourite George Jones tune…performed as only The Possum could and, yes, they are the WHOLE songs 😉 …