The Civil Wars

Thought I’d feature one of my faves, The Civil Wars, atop this post while I encourage you to share your favourites with me and tell you a bit about why I am creating Country Boss (I am in the process by the way… this site is under construction please bear with me… I’m very excited about the final design as I’ve hired one of the best in the biz to create our unique ‘look’…stay tuned!)

Country Boss is my new happy place, born of disappointment.

Until very recently I, Leanne Cater (aka “BossLady” at Country Boss,) was the senior country music writer for a major Canadian digital publication. There was a lot I loved about that job and a couple of things I didn’t love (as with many jobs.)  The thing I loved most was making a living by interviewing and writing about some of my favourite country music artists on a daily basis.  The thing I loved least…being told what (and who) I could and could not write about.

As it turned out the media giant parent company solved my biggest issue for me.  You see…most big business fails to “get” country music.  No matter how amazing it continues to be, the suits making the decisions seem stunted in their ability to acknowledge its viability and popularity (even though it sells, sells, sells! I know, boggles the mind.)  In this particular case the powers that be decided that there was no real need for a Country Music section on its music site and they shut’er down.

the civil wars

I was gutted…but what could I do?

Answer: Plenty!

It still hurts that my income has, once again, disappeared BUT this unsavoury development has given me the opportunity to create something better…WAY BETTER.  No longer am I beholden to a major corporation or their agenda!  Big Business has no business getting up in my business anymore!  I am building Country Boss the way I want.  It exists for the music, not for the money (although, if you want to help a sister out and advertise, I won’t argue with you 😉 ) Country Boss is for the artists who create the music and the fans, like me, who adore it.

I don’t want to fight with Big Business…I can be civil… and there’s no need for nastiness.  I’ll just be over here kicking ass on my own terms and I’m hoping you, dear reader, will help me with that.

To help Country Boss win this, oh-so-civil, war on corporate short-sightedness all you need to do is support it.  Read, comment, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE the stories you love with your networks and TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE HERE! You can connect on Facebook and Twitter and email me directly to make it even easier to let me know when a great idea strikes you…when you’re listening to that AMAZING new band that you can’t believe no one knows about yet…when you’re frustrated because you’re not hearing enough of your favourite new tune (Read: LITTLE BIG TOWN – TORNADO) on the radio…when you think to yourself, “Why the hell doesn’t country sound country anymore?” and you want to vent… I want to hear it all because that’s how you give people what they want…you listen to them.

From this moment on, you can no longer say, “no one cares what I think anyway” …well, you can say it, but you’ll know it isn’t true.  I CARE. COUNTRY BOSS CARES all you need to do is show that you care too by caring enough to let your voice be heard.  Think of Country Boss as your new microphone and megawatt amplifier 😉

Do you care SO much more for the music than for “the business”?  Okay then…Let’s do this thing and do it OUR WAY! WHO’S WITH ME?  (This is where you find the comments section and chime in…just sayin’ 😉 Don’t leave the BossLady hangin’ here…)